Originally seen as a bearded penguin (a reference to Tux, the penguin mascot of the kernel program Linux), the more friendly image of a girl with helmet and flippers was chosen as a human alternative. Her helmet usually has horns on it, likely a reference to the GNU operating system which is usually run with Linux as its kernel program (hence "GNU/Linux"). The "gear-teeth" on the helmet is a reference to KDE, a common desktop environment used with GNU/Linux. She is often seen with a spear that has flags attached representing the GRUB, LILO and GCC tools for GNU/Linux.


A girl with blue and green hair who wears a white shirt. As the color of her hair is similar to that of a scallion, she is usually referred to as "Scallion girl". Formerly known as Lindows.


Firefox-ko is a personification of the browser Mozilla Firefox, who is usually portrayed as a japanese fox spirit in shinto priestess attire by most fan-artists, although the official Mozilla Brand FAQ http://www.mozilla.org notes that "Firefox" is also known as the common name for the red panda. Her color set and design resemble that of the Firefox logo.

A character named Hana from the desktop mascot program Ukagaka is often mistaken for Firefox-ko when pictures appear on English-language bulletin-board sites, but she is not associated with the OS-tans. She is usually distinguishable by her preferred outfit, a navy-blue sailor fuku.

While not wide-spread, a character known as "Firebird-ko" was also created as a memorial of the old name of the browser ("Mozilla Firebird"). http://inu.imagines.jp. The interest was only short-lived.

Popularity: appears semi-regularly on Western and Japanese imageboards.


Thunderbird-ko is a personification of the mail and news client Mozilla Thunderbird. She is the best friend of Firefox-ko. She dresses like a telephone operator, carries a keyboard/monitor, and sometimes holds a letter in her hands. Similar to Firefox-ko, her color set and design resemble that of the Thunderbird logo.

Popularity: very uncommon. Almost forgotten as of Feburary 2005.


ěpera-tan is a personification of the Opera (browser). This character was created in response to Lawrence Eng's recommendation on Opera branding http://www.cjas.org
http://orera.g.hatena.ne.jp. As Lawrence's suggestion, she is an elegant but approachable lady wearing opera gloves. Other characteristics include long silvery gray hair, and a purple hat with a big red letter ě.

Popularity: very uncommon. Almost forgotten as of Feburary 2005.


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